NCAFM2020 Singapore

23rd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy

27th June to 2nd July 2021



In the light of escalated global health concerns, border controls and related government advisories in most countries, the 23rd NCAFM2020 organising committee has decided to postpone the August International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy after careful assessment of the risks and your safety.  The new conference date will be 27 June to 2 July 2021.


We stay committed to the conference and continue to work in partnership with the Singapore government agencies in taking all necessary measure in accordance with the latest advisories.  You may contact [email protected] for assistance.  In the meantime, please stay safe.


Revised conference details are as follows:

Original Date: 24-28 August 2020 (postponed)

New Date: 27 June – 2 July 2021

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Finally, we wish to thank all of you for the continued support and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with our event postponement.



Yours sincerely.

NCAFM2020 Organizing Committee



The 23rd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy is part of the series of international conferences devoted to the latest progress in dynamical atomic force microscopy.


This year the conference will be held in Shaw Foundation Alumni House, at National University of Singapore (NUS).


The conference covers the experimental, theoretical and instrumental developments in frequency modulation and other dynamic operation modes with particular emphasis on aspects of high-resolution imaging and force spectroscopy.



The conference welcomes the contribution for oral and poster presentations on the following topics including (but not limited to)


  • Novel instrumentation and techniques
  • Atomic resolution imaging on insulating substrates, semiconductors, and metals
  • High-resolution imaging of molecules, clusters and biological systems
  • Atomic- and molecular-scale manipulation
  • Simultaneous force and tunneling spectroscopy
  • Theoretical analysis of contrast mechanisms; forces & tunneling phenomena
  • Nanoscale measurements of charges, work function, and magnetic properties
  • Imaging and spectroscopy in liquid and ambient environments
  • Lateral force and friction, damping and energy dissipation
  • Machine learning and big data
  • Theory and simulations


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Ms Nelly Ang

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